Animation Today Tomorrow

Ottawa International Animation Festival, 2014

Can't make to the Ottawa International Animation Festival, as Underdog says "never fear".
Here are links to some of  the films screening at the Festival - some are trailers, some are excerpts and some are full films (I put this together in mid-August, it's possible that more of the films are online). Notes on a few favourites below. Enjoy


Individual Films:
Imperial Provisor Frombald
Jiro Visits The Dentist
Boston Pizza "High Note"
Superjail! "Superhell"
Volunteers Academy Amsterdam
The Bigger Picture
Punch and Judy
Improv 1
Cameo of Lights
A Pair
Me and My Moulton
Pilots On The Way Home

I haven’t seen all the films screening at Ottawa but I have seen a large chuck of them. Here are 10 that stand out.

Marilyn Myller, Mikey Please, UK
I had to watch this several times - the animation is fantastic. Story too - the frustration of being an artist. Mikey made The Eagleman Stag a few years ago. Somebody fund his feature Zero Greg.

We Can’t Live Without Cosmos, Konstantin Bronzit, Russia
Konstantin is one of my favourite filmmakers. “Cosmos”, the story of two life-long friends who become cosmonauts, like all of Konstantin’s films is wonderfully told and puts a smile on your face.

Hipopotamy, Piotr Dumala, Poland
Piotr is another favorite filmmaker. Like many of Piotr’s films Hipoptamy requires repeated viewings. With music by Alexander Balanescu,  Dumala animates, beautifully, a ballet of needs and desire.

1000 Plateaus, Steven Woloshen, Canada
By day Steven is a driver on film productions, driving actors between hotels and sets. He waits a lot. Not one to waste time, Steven takes film stock and engraves images frame by frame. 1000 Plateaus is the result of working on 1000 films (2004-2014).

IOA, Gabriel Mohring, Switzerland
A vowel machine has strong opinions about its master. Funny, sarcastic dialogue.

00:08, Yutaro Kubo, Japan
Marvelous life drawings drift into abstraction. 

The Bigger Picture, Daisy Jacobs, UK
This is a film that needs to be seen on a big screen (yes most films need to be seen that way). Wonderful technique (life sized painted characters in a 3d environment) used to tell the story of two brothers with mother issues.  

Mountain Ash, Jake Armstrong, US
My favourite film from the Late Night Work Club’s “Ghost Stories”. Great Design and story.

Me and My Moulton, Torill Kove, Canada/Norway
From the director of The Danish Poet and My Grandmother Ironed The King’s Shirts.

365, Greg & Myles McLeod, US
This is another film that needs to be seen repeatedly. On first viewing I thought “an animated sketchbook”. But then you start seeing all these images that are there but for a moment.