Five 11/18/15

Five (things of interest to me and maybe to you)

1) Macintosh Apples - Until recently I thought MacIntosh Apples were grown only in Southern Ontario. Last year I came across a fruit vendor at the Fairfax and 3rd (Hollywood) Farmer’s Market who carried them, grown locally. If anything is a trigger to my childhood it’s MacIntosh Apples - they loom large. My mother’s apple pies I can still taste (and came close to replicating last Christmas). As a Cub we sold apples door to door each fall, our baskets brightly colored with green and yellow crape paper. One bite and all this comes rushing back.
(Yes, I should have put two and two together - Apple Inc + MacIntosh Computer + from California)

2) All Things Must Pass, Colin Hanks, 2015 - I visited the Tower Records on Sunset many times, didn’t buy much there (I did find a bunch of Bob Marley Live concert CDs - quasi-bootlegs - from Japan about a year before they closed). Tower Video, both in West Hollywood and Sherman Oaks, where more of an interest (great selections of used video tapes). Better CD prices could be found at the indie shops. I was surprised when they opened in Toronto - with both Sam The Record Man and A & A at the top of there game (or just past). I remember Tower-TO having a large stack of cassettes of Nirvana’s Bleach that never seemed to shrink. Last Tower I visited was Tower-Dublin, still open, bought the Nuggets Reissue and Africa Screams LPs.

The documentary does a fine job of exploring the rise and fall of the Tower Empire. Lots of interviews with staff as well as founder Russell Solomon. It’s easy to explain Tower’s demise on the growth of the MP3 but they didn’t have any plan except to expand - no rainy day fund. 

(Side Note: One of the staff mentions treating customers a la “High Fidelity”. The best “High Fidelity-type” clerks I’ve come across was at an indie store in Boston - that was fun a visit)

3) Fargo Season 2, FX, 2105 - Season One was great but in it’s own way Season Two might be better. I love the loopy-ness of it (especially the first couple of episodes). The writing is fun. The camerawork and editing stellar. But the real star is the color of the light - it’s this fantastic shade of yellow courtesy of Calgary’s winter sun - even though it’s the middle of winter the light is warm.

Brilliant use of Jeff Wayne's The Eve of The War (from Wayne's War Of The Worlds) in Episode 2

4) Ork Records: New York, New York, Numero Group, 2015 - Reissue/Box Set of the year. This is a great listen - top to bottom. One of the ‘“first punk” labels founded by Terry Ork (details here Ork only released a couple dozen tracks (Television, Alex Chilton, Feelies among those) - all worth repeated listens. 

5) Trumbo, Jay Roach, 2015 -  good story, good acting, good TV movie


1) Little Johnny Jewel - Television
2) Tower Records Commercial 1968
3) Dalton Trumbo HUAC Testimony 1947
4) Fargo, North Dakota, Carter Burwell
5) Johnny Appleseed, Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros

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